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Architect's Corner

Certifications Tips

IBM 483
Just wanted to share my experience of taking the Enterprise connectivity exam(just to test myself before going for java architect exam).
I went through following books for preparation:
a)sun's blueprints,
b) O'Reilly's EJB,
c)Building Java Enterprise Systems with J2EE
by Paul Perrone, Venkata S.R.K.R. Chaganti
d) some of the discussions in this forum
The exam covered topics related to
a)transactions, transactional attributes
b)design patterns,
c)designing enterprise applications
d)jsp design
e) ejb deployment descriptors
f) choosing ejbs
g) rmi : performance & concurrency issues
h) applet: when do we go for applet
i) databases: configuring & accessing datasources,
j)lifecycle of ejbs
h) cmp and bmp coding differences
SCJEA exam tips
To startwith, thanks to javaranch group who helped me out in guiding for preparation of this exam.
I have cleared the part I with 81 %
Section Analysis
Concepts: 100
Common Architectures: 50
Legacy: 100
EJB: 88
EJB container: 75
protocols: 100
design patterns: 100
messaging: 66
internationalization: 100
security : 100
The exam covered following topics:
a) UML: activity diagram,dependency,cardinality of relationship
b) protocols: HTTPS, HTTP
d) B2B concepts
e) firewall: port filtering & address filtering
f) Software maintenance: code reuse, code factoring
g) JMS publish/subscribe, reliability
h) Stateful,Entity,Stateless design decisions
i) applet security: untrusted applet
j) applet - IIOP : http tunnelling
k) legacy systems: screenscrapers
l) DNS round robin, load balancer
I used following books and notes:
a) EJB 1.1 spec
b) O'Reilly EJB
c) professional jms
d) O'Reilly security
e) John's notes
f) certificationguru tutorial
g) applet security faq
h) onjava's article on load balancing
i) GOF design patterns